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Monday 13th March 2017

Welcome to the new website.  This web page will be continually monitored and updated throughout the next 7-8 weeks of campaigning.

As promised when I announced back in November 2016 that I was standing for Council, through this blog I will let you know what I’m doing, where I’m visiting, hopefully, get a picture or two on my travels throughout the North Isles and generally keep you updated.

Preparation behind the scenes for the campaign has been in full flow for some time now, even long before the announcement back on 27th November.

As part of the ongoing plans, I’ve held numerous meetings with people whose insight and knowledge has proven very valuable, including existing Councillors such as Political Leader Gary Robinson, and plan on meeting some more in the coming weeks like current North Isles Councillor Steven Coutts.

The Facebook page has been up and running for a few weeks now and, along with this blog, I will keep you updated as regularly as possible as campaigning really gets underway now in the final few weeks before the 4th May.

I’m of the generation where Social Media is an integral part of modern life and will use it as fully as possible, however, there is no doubt that door to door, face to face canvassing is the most important and effective way to get my message across.  I look forward to visiting and spending a lot of time on Unst, Yell, Fetlar, Whalsay and Skerries and talking to as many of the residents as possible.  There are also plans to hold public meetings on all the islands to get as many people spoken to as possible and give the public as much opportunity to ask me questions and let me know what they would like to see from their Councillor and indeed their Council going forward.

On the 7th January 2017, I took part in my first Althing debate, the subject was “Trump – we got what we deserved” and I was speaking against the motion along with Jonathan Wills, while Donald Murray and Thor Holt were speaking for the motion.  It was a fantastic learning experience for me speaking in front of a good-sized audience on an evening where the mood was very light and friendly.  I learned a great deal from it and gained valuable experience in terms of public speaking.  A big thank you to Genny, Andrew, Karen and the Althing committee for inviting me along.

The decision what Councillors to elect to the North Isles Ward is going to be vitally important for all the islands concerned.  The Shetland Islands Council faces further and prolonged cuts to our budget from central government.  We face continued uncertainty surrounding not only our schools but also our inter-island ferries.

Someone asked me a while back why I was standing for Council, calling it a ‘thankless job’.  There are many reasons why, but the main reason is because I believe we need a Councillor with passion and a real interest in helping the islands, someone who understands the communities and what the communities need, and someone who not only has the drive and determination needed but also someone who is willing to be open, honest and speak their mind in the Council Chamber.

This blog will be updated regularly as my campaigning continues right up until May 2017.  I am always available for questions, contact me through any of the media below.
Twitter (ryanthomson85)
Mobile: 07769 342096
Address: Ariane, Wadbister, ZE2 9SQ

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